The Anchor Holds

Don’t Lose Hope… The Anchor Holds!!

There’s nothing like the Love of Jesus!!
He fills holes deeper than the deepest depths of the ocean, and He can reach you no matter how hard you try to pull or run away.

He doesn’t Love like the world, and will not shun you from His Love because you’ve made a mistake, nor does He fear Loving you unconditionally. His Love is like no other, and just thinking about His unfailing and unconditional Love melts my heart.

He‘s that friend that will always be there for you no matter the day, time, or hour. He comforts the lonely and broken hearted in ways you’d never imagine, and will send people into your life to speak Life into you, even without their knowledge to encourage you.

So continue to Stand Strong my friends, and continue to hold on to The Anchor of Jesus, because there’s nothing like His Love, and His Achor Holds!!

God is working on your behalf, and He is in mist of your situation if you have prayed, or even if others are praying for you!! There’s Power in Prayer, and Power in the Name of Jesus, and Interceding in Prayer on behalf of others.

So continue to Pray for your friends, family, and whomever the Lord places upon your heart, because you never know what a person is going through silently.

Follow the Promptings of the Holy Spirit, and allow Him to Lead, Guide, and Direct your every move always… Even if it looks contrary to your plans.

God Bless You, Much Love & Be Encouraged!! 🙏🏽❤️🕊️

✝️ Maldonado Ministries ✝️